Affordable Legal Help For Your Business
Business Legal Management is designed to help you easily navigate business and legal issues. We are not a law firm, although our founders share nearly 150 years of combined legal experience. Think of us as guides—intermediaries between the traditional legal machine and your business.

Navigate business and legal issues with ease

Access a legal team without the expense of a high-ticket law firm

Put 150 years of
work for you

How Does It Work?

Instead of paying high-ticket retention fees or hourly time, you pay a much smaller monthly fee to access to access our team to help overcome the ongoing legal realities that grow with your business.

What Do You Get?

  • Business-saving help from Principal Consultants who know you personally and your business.
  • ​Access to Business Law Group LLP for transactional business documents like contracts and Non-disclosure agreements at a 40% Discount.
  • Two hours of "official lawyering" time to be used each month provided by Business Law Group LLP.
  • ​Insights that can increase profits through access to our growing network of professional advisors.
  • ​Support of all your outside legal matters when provided by C-Suite Network professional advisors.
  • ​Webinars discussing new issues relevant to doing business in today's legal environment.

Great for start-ups to $500k per year.

Looking for more? We've got you covered.

$199.99/mo for C-Suite Network Members

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